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The Hike of the Week
By The Two Left Feet

This short, relaxing and refreshing hike will start at Gadabout Gaddis Airport in Bingham Maine. Get started and relax. Head north on Rt. 201 for 1 mile. Turn left onto Rt. 16 and go 0.2 miles across the bridge. At the end of the bridge go right 1.1 miles to free refreshing spring water. Fill those water bottles and continue 1.4 miles to a swimming and boating area on your right. Take a quick dip and then you’re on your way again. Take a left out of the swimming area and continue 1 mile to Houston Brook Falls on the right. Park in front of the brown fence and take a short little hike down the foot path to the water falls. Hope you enjoyed your short, relaxing, and refreshing hike.

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