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-Bounce Fabric Softener- very successful in LA (that’s Louisiana, not Lewiston/Auburn). Wipe on and go! Great for babies.
-Vitamin B-1, or in otherwise known as Thiamine Hydrochloride. 100 mg, once a day June to Oct.
-No Bananas! Something about banana oil as your body processes it, gets mosquitos thinking that you’re one sexy stud. Nix the `Nanas and they’ll be less interested.
-Vick’s Vapo-rub. Fantastic insect repellent.
-Plant marigolds around your yard/tent. The flowers give off a smell bugs don’t dig. So plant `em in the garden instead of using insecticides.
-Avon Skin-So-Soft Baby Oil, mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with alcohol. Lube up your hide, drink the rest of the alcohol to keep your insides clear of insects. It’s an old Marines’ recipe.
-Clear real vanilla. Pure vanilla, sold outta Mexico is a great repellent for `squitters and ticks.
-Get a pet frog or spider. They love to eat bugs.
-Good ol’ DEET.
Some of our favorite Web Sites: (the Maine Public Advocate Office...These guys want to save you money on your phone bill. Check ‘em out) (Northeast Paddlers’ Message Board ... wicked good paddlers’ resource) (this site is a wealth of free web-building tutorials) (killer whitewater art) (for paddlers ... Wow!)
1] Who has Selma not married? A)Bob Terwilliger B) Lionel Hutz C)Groundskeeper Willie D)Troy McLure
2] Which cereal did Bart eat that sent him to the hospital? A)Duff Bombs B)Krusty-O’s C)Itchy and Scratchy Flakes D)Captain Cavity
3] What actor plays McBain? A)Bumblebee Man B) Troy McClure C)Reinier Wolfcastle D)Kent Brockman
4] Who is the head gangster of the Springfield Mafia? A) Mayor Quimby B)Fat Tony C)Nelson D)Karl
5] Where is the secret entrance to Apu's rooftop garden? A)Behind the non-alcoholic beer B)Through the looking glass C)Shelbyville D)He pulls on the fake camera and it appears

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