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August 31, 2002
Volume 1, Issue 6
Inside This Issue:

A Guides Guide to Guiding

For this issue No Umbrella asked Maine Whitewater Guides to tell us their secrets...

Do you threaten your guests? With what? "No, because I can swim, and I'm okay with that" - Dan... (read the rest of this story) (interviews by Kristen Kaiser)

Small, Shallow Thoughts

Guide Olympics

The 2002 Guide Olympics were held Sunday Aug. 18 at the Ball Field in West Forks. To kick things off, Danny Mac and his buddies... (read the rest of this story)


Have you seen any of this gear claimed by the river?

LUNCH-“During Guide Training we flipped at Magic. I was swimming. Trying to swim right and hold onto my paddle...
(read the rest of this story)(drawings by Jessica Arnold)

Unexplored Territory

part five in a series on remote canoe expeditions by G.W. Martin

This week I am going to list the items that I carry for first aid reasons: Ace bandage, sterile gauze, athletic tape, alcohol, iodine, anti- bacterial cream... (read the rest of this story)(by G.W. Martin)

Tub Thumping

Feature Story

Five hundred years ago Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida. It's not in Florida... (read the rest of this story)(by Tom Deguerre)

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