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August 17, 2002
Volume 1, Issue 5
Inside This Issue:

Bobbing on the 'Nob

Amy Leppo updates from the Penobscot River's Big Eddy

So, that high water everyone has been buzzing about? Its here. Marker rocks... (read the rest of this story) (by Amy Leppo)

First Descents

A section devoted to boaters telling stories of virgin river runs

No shit, there we were going down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in mid April... (read the rest of this story) (with Charlie Amman)


Every issue we ask a local boater to review a piece of whitewater gear

Wave Sport Siren "Well, let's see. It's really loose, but you can slice back and forth on the wave... (read the rest of this story) (with L- Dogg)

Unexplored Territory

Part four in a series on remote canoe expeditions by G.W. Martin

This week my focus is going to be on the gear necessary for our group along with our cooking supplies.... (read the rest of this story) (by G.W. Martin)

A.T. Ferry du Jour

A feature story on the Appalachian Trail river crossing in Caratunk, Maine

Georgia to Maine. Or, if you like, Maine to Georgia. No matter how you hike it, the Appalachian Trail is a damn long walk..... (read the rest of this story) by Nick Callanan

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